There’s a transformation going on in healthcare, and its focus is on the patient. Blended care, healthcare consumerism, value-based care, new digital tools… It’s time to redefine the patient and provider relationship, ensuring that the patient always remains in the centre.

Outlining future development – what to focus on?

“Value is always in the eye of the beholder”, said Arturo Loaiza-Bonilla, Co-Founder of Massive Bio. This idea was one of those that dominated the agenda at Health Tech Forward, one of Europe’s premier events for health innovation, which took place on November 28-29, 2023.

One thing was clear since the very start of the event – the industry should not blindly follow the hype and focus on developing solutions that look “cool”, but instead opt for maximum attention to the patients. 

Yet, the experts were optimistic for the future. According to Gandolf Finke, Founder & Managing Director of Mika, “We are moving in the right direction”. 

Gandolf Finke speaking at Health Tech Forward 2023

Make some room, please

To blend the new tech into the existing healthcare system successfully, all parties have to be willing enough to trust each other and adapt. Whether that is a new device or a data-collecting platform, it takes time and effort to truly be useful.

“The train has left the station”, said Ritesh Patel, Senior Partner and Global Digital Health at FINN Partners. New monitoring strategies and platforms have been effectively used by both patients and healthcare providers, making it unlikely that we’d ever go back to where we were before.

Yet, adaptation is not that simple. As Sander Ruitenberg, Digital Health Solutions Head at Novartis explained, the healthcare provider perspective is often overlooked by the health tech industry. To truly revolutionize the sector, serious adjustments have to be made and trust has to be gained from all sides. As Ruitenberg put it: “We need to carve out space for these changes.”

Sander Ruitenberg speaking at Health Tech Forward 2023

More power to you

One of the greatest benefits of healthcare digitalisation is the ability for an ordinary person to step up and take control of their own health. As many initiatives arise, it is easier to get that possibility in many areas – from nutrition to sleep quality and the management of chronic pain or diseases.

“There’s a power in understanding what works and what doesn’t work for you as an individual”, believes Aleksandro Grabulov, Head of Product, Fitbit Health Solutions at Google.

Taking care of one’s health doesn’t start at the doctor’s office. With digital clocks, various monitoring devices and virtual apps your journey to better well-being can start anywhere. 

Aleksandro Grabulov speaking at Health Tech Forward

About Health Tech Forward

Health Tech Forward is a premier Europe’s health tech event aiming to put a spotlight on the trends shaping the future of healthcare. The conference stands apart for its focus on quality content and unmatched networking opportunities, bringing together digital health entrepreneurs, investors, providers, payers, employee benefits leaders, consumer tech & wellness brands and tech giants.