Next in Health

The new era of digital health is right around the corner. New technologies are stepping into the game, pushing the limits of what we thought was possible in health. Join us as we uncover the latest trends that will shape the digital health landscape of tomorrow. 

What’s Cooking in Health Tech?

Throwing the latest innovations into the pot

Let’s take a closer look at innovations redefining how we do healthcare. Future hospitals, patient engagement, virtual care and so much more — the newest and juiciest topics in digital health will surely bring you some food for thought.

Health Equity x Technology 

How to delete healthcare disparities?

Come with us as we embark on a journey towards health equity. How to leverage technology to bring equal access to quality healthcare? Is virtual care indeed a catalyst for improving health equity? Fact: data can help eliminate disparities; we just need to know where to start. 

Patient-Centred Care

Keeping a watchful eye on consumer trends

Put. Consumer. First. We will unpack this rule by addressing an array of top-of-mind issues, including consumer strategies, better engagement and personalisation — in order to understand the ultimate formula of next-gen patient experience.

Data Reigns Supreme!

Move over, outdated processes

Hands down, data is the queen of future healthcare. An intelligent approach to data and analytics unlocks new ways to increase revenue, improve quality and lower costs. No more building castles in the air: dive right into working data strategies for long-term improvement.

Zoom Is So Last Season:

Finding balance for better workplace health

We get it, moving from the ‘new normal’ to the next post-pandemic chapter is challenging, but rejoice — the digital health support finally receives the recognition it deserves. Join us as we discover exploding new trends leading to the future of workplace well-being. 

Ready Player One:

Immerse into a digital experience for behavioural change

It’s time to level up the behavioural change game in healthcare. How do we create digital experiences that deliver exceptional outcomes? How can apps produce behaviour changes — and does gamification really impact their success? Let’s nerd out looking for answers.

We Need To Talk About Longevity: 

Can we put an end to age-related diseases?

Age is just a number, with the evolving health standards changing the state of longevity. Emerging tech promises to tackle the root causes of ageing while innovators try new interventions for growing old with grace. What’s coming next, and will it change the way we age?

Solving the Health Equation

Gut health. Neurology. Mental health. MSK. Metabolic. Cardiovascular. Can technology solve the challenges equation across all of these areas? Let’s turn to the opportunities of digital tools to improve care delivery as we navigate our way through this tall order.

It’s OK Not To Be OK.

But let’s see how tech can boost our mental health

With mental health issues becoming more widespread, it’s no longer a question of whether tech will transform mental healthcare but how it will occur. From digital therapy to symptom tracking, mental health tech is here to redefine wellness for generations to come.

Trust Your Guts:

An upgrade for our microbiome is underway 

As tech sophistication for gut intelligence continues to increase, new devices could prove transformative for the gut microbiome. Wearables, sensors, micro-robotic tools — so many startups are well-placed to innovate around these solutions to meet the growing demand. 

Cracking the Metabolic Code:

Can we leverage technology to reset metabolism? 

The scale of the metabolic health market is an exciting opportunity. Driven by consumer demand and investment, the market is set to boom, giving promising startups a chance to decipher the metabolic code and create solutions that will impact millions of lives. 

Can’t Beat a Healthy Heart:

What innovations change the game for cardiovascular health?

Starting the next chapter for cardiology in a heartbeat! If you want to leverage tech for lowering the risks for heart diseases, join us — we are all set to explore the frontiers of technology’s capability to change the market across the lines of diagnostics and treatment.

The MSK Revolution:

Digitalisation, Automation, Integration

We are on the cusp of a revolution in bringing precision to MSK. From improving the treatment of muscle injuries to enhancing rehabilitation without adding costs, discover some of the newest technologies sparking a change in the MSK field.

Unlock the Future of Neurology:

The new age of treatment is around the corner

Let’s peek into the trends and barriers to the adoption of teleneurology. How about crystal-gazing into the future to foretell the biggest game-changers? Some of them will most definitely ensure better treatment of neurological conditions, and we’re so here for it.  

Care Continuum, Rewired

While digitalisation continues to push forward — we also see stronger drivers that are about to restructure clinical workflow as we know it. From staff operations to financial resilience and patient outcomes, get ready for a massive care continuum makeover.

Superpowers of Diagnostics:

Innovations that are a marvel to behold

With mobility, simplicity and automation being the newly discovered superpowers of diagnostics, we need to study each of them in more detail. How devices empower diagnostics and can we use them to avoid misdiagnosis — we’re off to look for answers!

Hospital at Home is On the Rise: 

Accelerating remote patient monitoring and disease self-management

How do we leverage remote patient monitoring for preventative patient care? What are the limiting factors, drivers and opportunities for the hospital at home? Make yourself at home, as we’re inviting you to explore the principles of the “always-on” care mode. 

The Workflow You Thought You Knew: 

Evolving standards of clinical excellence

Workflow management is key, yet it is often overlooked. Many tasks take up a lot of time, reducing the number of interactions with patients. Soon all aspects of clinical processes — including the supply chain — will get digital, so let’s dig into it now.

A For Effort!

Health education is getting a makeover

Education is power, but what happens when technology comes into play? Better patient and provider education is a priority, and figuring out ways technology can elevate healthcare education and experience is a must to meet the new standards of value-based care.